Smoke in Room

Q. Why does our fireplace smoke up the room? Would a chimney cleaning fix the problem? If it is really windy out, it makes the smoke come into the room. Is that supposed to happen?

A. There are probably several contributing factors that are causing this issue. If the flue is clogged, a sweep may fix the problem. Otherwise, the fireplace opening may be too large for the size flue you have. If the flue can't handle the volume of smoke and air entering through the fireplace opening, smoke will come back into the home. Choking down the fireplace opening can help this problem.

The smoke chamber may also be inhibiting the venting of smoke. The smoke chamber makes the transition from firebox to flue. Sometimes, if it hasn't been parged smooth with cement, the masonry can cause turbulence, slowing smoke exhaust.

The chimney cap may be clogged with soot and creosote. The prevailing winds, tree height, or  height of a neighbors home and height of your chimney above the roof line can also cause smoke puffing back into the room.

Definitely have a certified chimney sweep come to take a look.

Parged: A parge coat is a thin coat of a mortar applied to masonry for refinement of the surface. Parging (or pargeting) is usually applied with a trowel and pressed into the existing surface.